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    <br><p> Mobile data is more expensive in developing regions than in the west – a paradox that hinders the introduction of a mobile worldwide network on most of the planet. In order to help, opera introduced the app pass, a system that allows smartphone users to download and use applications without having to pay for data. It comes as a piece of opera max, android software that reduces the use of mobile data by compressing it to fifty. App pass is tuned to emerging markets and helps operators offer “free, sponsored or cheap access to selected applications.” Then the participants of the game take the chance to download and use porn models without throwing for information during the period of limitation of the pass.</p><p> According to techcrunch, opera will launch the service together with another norwegian operator teleno, which is included in vietnam and various asian regions. It said here: “we really want to see how such a service will be perceived in our markets. App pass is designed to offer customers easy management of the costs associated with the operation of data.”These services already exist through operators like softbank and other enterprises like the internet.Org from facebook and its partners also tried to stimulate the absorption of the internet.</p><p> Wireless providers expect that such an opportunity will help encourage users to try the “world wide web at the same hour as opera is going to raise its own browsers and opera max service. Telenor will only place short-term subscriptions for now, download games but opera has said, and it will eventually introduce sponsored and paid ideas that give visitors a set of apps for a fixed fee.</p><br><br>

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